Cap Frehel

To discover :

Legendary site, bird sanctuary, overlooking a sea of ​​blue tinted emerald, Cap Frehel offers a show which one never tires. A real places conducive to the development of fauna and flora.

Cap Frehel also offers beautiful sandy beaches, where you can admire the panorama on it.

At low laughed you can go fishing for a walk with the family. A multitude of shellfish and crustaceans available to you: clams, cockles, mussels and wild oysters, knife feet, periwinkles, crabs, abalone clams or are discovered during high tides.
Thank you to respect this precious environment. (A few are to respect refer to the tourist office)

To visit :

Rich in heritage you can visit some churches and picturesque chapels. At around do not miss the Fort La Latte, Le Phare du Cap Frehel, Castle Bienassis, Cape Freels and Cape Erquy.

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