Le Château de Beaussais

For your accommodation in hotel service (at night) or residential service, Castle Beaussais has personalized rooms or houses in the name of Breton saints contemporary decor infused with sweetness. Free WIFI access in all rooms.

For your receptions, seminars, Chateau Beaussais offers dedicated areas (Espace Chateau, Espace St Jacut Lancieux and Space) with sea view.
Imagine your cocktail served by the sea, the sea offers sometimes its blue reflections sometimes discovered bay ....

Most sea ...... see the sun rise over the bay, stroll in the park landscape, breathe the sea air, relax on the beach and marvel in the beauty of a sunset on the neighboring islands.

The Castle brings you comfort, the environment and the beauty of the Bay of Beaussais.


Du 03/07/2018 au 09/09/2018
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